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What we do?

We empower Micro Finance Institutions by precisely prospecting the right customer with ease and catalysing the growth

Reduce risk quotient in lending

IMV empowers your credit officers with precise credit worthiness report based on alternative data which enables them to identify the right and reliable prospect. Hence your lending portfolio risk is reduced considerably.

Reduce your hiring cost significantly

IMV solutions are simple and accurate and provide the expertise required to gauge the credit worthiness of your prospect. You would just require a junior level field officer for effective operations. So your operating cost reduces.

Accelerate your market coverage

Our solutions are handy and easy to implement. They reduce the training and induction time of your team during new launches. Now your go to market will happen swiftly.

Increase your revenue growth

IMV Solutions help you to identify your prospect’s exact creditworthiness in scientific manner. So you will avoid curtailing your lending limit per customer as you will know repayment ability exactly. As a result, your income from interest grows exponentially.

Boost your daily deal closure

With IMV’s products, it will take only 20 mins to evaluate and process each loan. This increases the efficiency of your field officers. On other hand, the borrower receives a loan faster.

What we offer?

Power to mark customer credit worthiness & growth potential within minutes.

Credit Insighter

Credit Insighter helps you to assess your prospects and their repayment reliability with the touch of the app.

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Prospect Insighter

Prospect Insighter is an innovative tool which assesses the personality and characteristics of your prospect.

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Why Us?

The team behind IMV has an extensive understanding of unorganized markets in India. The team has worked closely with The Ministry of Rural Development, India, for more than a decade. The Founders have done significant work in the domain of incubating rural business ventures by empowering last mile implementers to play the role of an incubator. The Founders and the field team have worked extensively with government and semi-government agencies to select and groom first generation entrepreneurs in rural areas.


We have extensive
understanding of unorganized
markets in India.

Smartness powered credibility platform

Sourcing primary data from 22+ Government bodies

Our Team

Our Funders and Partners

Our funders and partners share the same passion as ours – To transform the informal MSME economy in developing economies. They work along with us to bring this vision come alive.


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