Bridging the need gap in Indian
Micro Financing

Crucial problems faced in Indian Micro Financing Sector

Lenders are unable to tap the humongous rural, semi rural market as the majority of potential customers are New to Credit and do not hold valid files to process formal loans.

Customers have a high demand for formal loans but due to validity denials are left with high interest informal loan options.

The Solution

IMV makes a paradigm shift in this twisted context with its innovative and insightful solution. It sources primary data from 22+ government bodies and processes it with behavioural data, income data, business data, socio economic data, market data and psychometric data compiled from various sources. These data are further processed and assimilated to arrive at the insight regarding credit worthiness, repayment reliability, growth potential of the prospective customer by creating risk profiles. It scientifically recommends the loan size & tenure to the credit officer through a highly integrated and real time app within 10 minutes. Thus IMV transforms the New to Credit Customers with no files as loan eligible customers within minutes.

Smartness powered credibility platform

Sourcing primary data  from 22+ Government bodies