Incubating rural  business ventures by

Empowering last mile implementers

Incubating rural business ventures

The team behind IMV has an extensive understanding of rural markets in India. The team has closely worked with The Ministry of Rural Development, India, for more than a decade. The Founders have done significant work in the domain of incubating rural business ventures by empowering last mile implementers to play the role of an incubator in unorganized sector. The Founders and field team have worked extensively with government and semi-government agencies to select and groom first generation entrepreneurs in rural areas, the way an angel does for its startups by providing market and business intelligence and data driven insights.

Data Precisiveness

We source primary data form more than  22 government bodies and process it with geographic, socio economic, demographic and other datas to deliver credit worthiness reports with accuracy.

Impeccable Knowledge

The core of our service is the impeccable knowledge we have on the data dark rural markets for more than a decade

Why us

We own a expertise in rural entrepreneurship by working in rural markets for more than a decade with domain specialists

Form partnership with domain experts

Ongoing partnership with The Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, Government of Kerala and Dr.Reddy’s Foundation to name a few.

Indepth understanding of rural market

Holds statistics of 2,50,000+ rural enterprises across 16 states in India.

Pivot in Knowledge sharing

Knowledge Channel has a subscription base of 90,000+

Specialisation in rural startsup

Have promoted 2600+ first generation rural entrepreneurs with 91% success rate in conversion.


# of first generation enterprises promoted


# of subscribers of knowledge channel


% success rate